First workout on my site!

Here is my first workout on my blog!  I instruct a workout class once a week with the best group of ladies ever!!  We have so much fun!

6 Stations (1.5 minutes at each station.  1.5 minutes of full situps between each exercise)

Walking crossover lunges down the length of a gym, run back holding weights

High knee jumprope or tuck jumps

Inverted pushup (feet on a chair) with knee to elbows between push up

Wood chops (like kettle bell swings holding both weights)

One leg deadlifts (hold both weights)

Jack press (jumping jacks with overhead press)

Repeat (Second round add 1.5 minutes of jump squats after each exercise instead of situps)

We finished with some serious squat pulses (center and both sides) and I showed them a few of my favorite body combat moves!!  One of my favorite classes at the gym.

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