Burp and Bell workout

O.K.  Saturday morning I decided to do a quick and very effective workout at home.  I alternated two exercises: burpees and kettle bell swings.  This is how I did my reps:

20 burpees     1 kettlebell swings

19 burpees     2 kettlebell swings

18 burpees     3 kettlebell swings

17 burpees     4 kettlebell swings

16 burpees     5 kettlebell swings

Etc….can you see where this is going?  I kept going until I was at 1 burpee and 20 kettlebell swings.  My heart rate was up the entire time and it took about 25 minutes.  Killer.  I didn’t need to do anything else the rest of the day!  In total, I did 210 burpees and 210 kettlebell (25#) swings.





After...chillin' with my babe!

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