Happy February 1st

So, I want to share my new thoughts for FEBRUARY.  I’m trying to give up sugar for most days 🙂 I figured out that if I ate treats for 10% of the year that would be 3 treat days a month!  I’m a believer of what works for one doesn’t work for all.  I’m not good at having just 1 cookie a day.  I like to eat a LOT of sugary and chocolatey yumminess.  I’m sure it’s not good to eat this way, but it works for me.  So, I will eat healthy every day except 3 days out of every month.  On those days I will not worry about being so strict and enjoy my favorite treats.

Best cake ever!

That is more of a yearly goal for me.  For my FEBRUARY goal I am going to weigh myself every day.  I know their is a lot of controversy around this.  I am constantly reading about how you shouldn’t worry about what the number says on the scale but about how you feel…is that why half our country is obese?  Hmm, I think we ought to pay attention to the scale.  I consciously eat better when I know I’m going to weigh myself.  So, I’ll keep track for a week and post my #’s every week.  So daring of me!!  For some reason I was SUPER up today.  I weighed 137!  I really like to stay under 132.  I’m not freaking out though, I think it was just a flukey thing.  

On the healthy side, I found this AWESOME protein pancake recipe!

1/4 c egg whites

1 scoop vanilla protein powder

2 T almond or skim milk

1 t cinnamon

1 T ground flaxseed

1/2 mashed banana

Mix or blend together, add blueberries to batter or strawberries on top!  Cook on a griddle.





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