Summer Rain

Beautiful day!  It rained!  Love this pic.  I will run rain or shine as long as I have a buddy.

I LOVE SUMMER!  I love everything about it!  You will never hear me complain about anything…except maybe a little bit about my adorable children being so close to me 24/7!  I really like my quiet, alone time.  Today we went on a run up my favorite trail near my home!  Of course many of my “besties” came with me.  It is so fun to have such fun and crazy friends just like me to hang out with!  Here we are:

I also got new TRAIL shoes!  Last week, me (of course) tripped over my ankle and skidded to a stop on both legs and my hand.  I came out better than expected, but Rob thought I needed a shoe with more traction.  So, here they are.

I have NO clue about good or bad trail shoes.  I was happy when my expert trail running friend took one look at them and said they were the BEST!!  Yay!  They are called Brooks Cascadia 7.  First day out and they were great!  I was even able to tie my own shoelaces the first time I wore them!  Hee hee.  It is late and I fell off the healthy wagon and I’m eating taffy!

On to the serious, boring stuff.  Here is my food of the day:

oatmeal, strawberries, apple, 2 egg whites, 1 egg

1/4 turkey sandwich, 1/2 c. chicken wild rice soup, 6 cashews

10 chips dipped in 6 layer bean dip, watermelon, 2 pumpkin cookies

protein shake, veges, rice cake with PB

cereal, 2 turkey muffins, 2 pumpkin cookies

I was a little snacky today!  You don’t want to know what I ate from 9:30-11:30, so I won’t say.  I’ll be good tomorrow.  My cute sissy is in town.  We have fun doing all our favorite things together and reminiscing!  Here we are at the park today:

My workout today was the 7 mile trail run and an hour long abs and arms workout at the gym.  I was a little draggin’ today.  Next week, I want to run up and down on my favorite hill and do tons of BURPEES and SITUPS and PUSHUPS!  Maybe I can coerce someone to join me?

This was my back yard view as a child.  One of the most relaxing places I know.  I used to lay on my bed (that was pushed right up to the window) and look outside my open window and listen to the sprinklers.  I’d be listening to music on my ghetto blaster, waiting for a cheesy love song to come on so I could record it on a cassette tape.  So funny!

Enjoy SUMMER.  Live it to the fullest, just like EVERY day and ALWAYS remember:

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