Death at the Bowery workout

Here are a few of my “peeps”.  They are the BEST!!  I’ll take a better pic this week!!

So, one of my workout friends nicknamed my workouts “Death”.  I take that as the highest compliment!!  Here is last Wednesdays workout.  It was a good one!

40 prisoner squats

10 burpees

40 pushups

10 burpees

40 sit ups


40 side to side lunges

10 burpees

40 triceps

10 burpees

40 side to side abs holding a weight


40 hip raises

10 burpees

40 high sumos

10 burpees

40 leg lifts

We did this 3 times.  On the second time we exchanged running up the hill 3 times for burpees.  On the 3rd time through we did jumping split lunges for the burpees.  We finished with a trio of butt exercises and the walking plank.  Here are a few pics of some of the exercises:

prisioner squats

high sumos

hip raises

side to side abs with weight

Side to side lunges

leg lifts

butt exercises

butt exercises

walking plank

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