A love of mine

Today I walked above the city in the warm summer air and looked at the beautiful green trees, mountains, and smelled the crisp, clean air.  I love to run with friends, but sometimes I like to run alone with my thoughts and my music.  Next to my exercise passion is my music passion.  I am not a great singer or musician, but I LOVE a beautiful voice, instruments, and lyrics that speak to the soul.

Over the weekend we were privileged to see probably the BEST performance of Les Miserables I’ve ever seen.  Each voice and character was riveting and many times brought tears to my eyes.  The story is amazing, tragic, and courageous.  I’m reading a book as well about the horror from history around Nazi Germany.  These true stories humble me and make me realize the incredible STRENGTH of the human spirit!  My thoughts also turn to my own self interests and I realize it’s not so much about me, but about others I want to impact.

Does it really matter if my body fat is 20% opposed to 18% or that I fit into a size 6 or a size 4?  It’s about being healthy, yes, but it’s more about sitting a child on your lap and reading them a book, taking a walk with a dear friend, or visiting your elderly neighbor across the street that you seldom talk to.

MUSIC changes me and is many times the thoughts I can’t express.  I’ll be out in NATURE over the next few days.  Get off the treadmill, walk, run outside, breathe, smile, and be happy you have a STRONG BODY!!!!

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