Is Competition good or bad?

With the 2012 OLYMPICS well under way I’m trying to keep up with the latest stats on athletes and events.  I was talking with a friend the other day about the meaning of COMPETITION and whether it is good or bad.  What could be better than groups of athletes pushing and striving for the best within themselves and then challenging the same from their rivalry.  I THRIVE and am PUSHED by STRONG, MOTIVATING people!!!

On the flip side, we have all seen and heard stories of competition in sports, politics, work, and more where people can be deceitful, manipulative, and completely vicious.  Competition is good when both sides are giving their very best and when it’s all over they can walk away certainly heartbroken on the losing side, but never cruel and unsportsmanlike.  Lessons can be learned from hard work and COMPETITIVENESS!

Here is my “story time”.  I’ve never liked to be beaten and I’ve always strived to be better than I am.  It can be a little bit of a perfectionist/OCD curse at times.  I LOVE GYMNASTICS!!  When I was 11 or 12 I spent a lot of time at Gymnastics World, running around doing flips on the bars, floor, and balance beam.  My Mom always wondered where I got this skill.  I was not like anyone in our family.  I worked hard.  I enjoyed sweating and giving it my all.  I secretly liked being faster than the others.

One time, I had just moved up a class and was OBVIOUSLY not the best in the class, in fact I couldn’t do most of the things they were doing.  After a very tiring practice which included hundreds of situps and pushups we sat around our coach at the end to hear his “pep talk”.  He started in with the usual pumped up speech and then asked the question, “Who do you think is the best gymnast in our class?”  I thought of names in my head of the best girls in the class.  And then, to my surprise and shock, he said…MY NAME!!  I was a little embarrassed because I knew it wasn’t true!  Why did he say it was ME!  He went on to explain that I was the one who gave it 110%.  I was on time, worked my hardest, and finished everything I was asked to do without complaining.  I’ve remembered this experience and tried to use it in everything I learn in life.

ALWAYS give your ALL.  Look within YOURSELF and GO BEYOND what you think you can do.  If you think you can only do 25 pushups, get there and go to 35.  NEVER SETTLE FOR ANYTHING LOWER!  Our minds play tricks on our bodies and sometimes we have a battle going on in there telling us it can’t be so.  IGNORE IT!  Listen to the voice that says ONE MORE, KEEP GOING, YOU ARE STONG!  If someone tells me I can’t do something, I say, BRING IT!  FUEL the FIRE all the more!  GO USA!!!

One thought on “Is Competition good or bad?

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