Monday Music

So,  I’m getting a little organized here and trying to come up with a different topic for each day of the week.  MONDAY WILL BE MY MUSIC DAY!  We even saw a musical today!!!  It was a girl’s night out and we went to see THE SOUND OF MUSIC!  It was fun and very well done.

The meanings of the edelweiss flower are DARING, COURAGE, AND NOBLE PURITY.  It is a white flower that has an amazing ability to grow in harsh climates.  Love it!!

Here we are at the play:

After the play we visited CITY CREEK and went to the CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!

Well hello there!!

My girls!

It was a beautiful summer night!  I love to drive with the windows down and feel the warm breeze on my face.  Summer is for RUNNING!  5:00 a.m. or at DUSK, the weather is the same.  I’d like to lay down on a grass hill, stare up at the night sky, and breathe in my favorite time of year!

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