I did it!!! Wednesday Workout VIDEO

I have to start out with this cute little doggy.  He did our track workout with us today!!  JK!  I am sooooooooooo proud of myself though.  I actually videoed a workout and figured out how to put it on here.  Let’s hope I don’t forget.  HERE IT IS!!!

I KNOW it is not very professional.  I am completely being myself.  I guess that’s good.  I’ll try to be more Jillian Michaelish next time.  Here it is in writing too.  We did the workout in groups of threes.  While one person ran the others did pushups and thrusters and then we rotated through completing each exercise twice.  If you are alone, I suggest doing 30 reps of each exercise.


400 m run (1 lap around the track or 90-120 second sprint)




400 m run

Sit ups

Split lunges with biceps

THEN, it was our cute friend’s 23rd birthday!  Yes, she is a baby.  I mean that in the nicest way!!

We did 23 walking lunges (each leg), 23 burpees, 23 kettle bell swings, and 23 hamstrings, TWICE!

 She had the cutest shirt on today with a super awesome mantra on the back!  Here she is:

She has an awesome, awesome blog too!!  Check it out at helpinghappilyeverafter@blogspot.com.  It was an awesome morning!  I took a picture when I first got there and it was still a little dark and no one was around.  Very peaceful.  I’m a morning person!

Speaking of mornings, I’m in need of a 5 AM RUN (20 yr. reunion and all)!!  I think I’ll go Friday morning, then I can sleep in a little on Saturday.   I’m sure no one else says that!  If you do go that early, remember to bring along a friend or a dog!  Then, you’ll be fine!

I LOVE the start of a new month and YES, I have NEW goals to replace the ones I didn’t keep last month!!  Hey, I’m very determined and NEVER give up!!  I’ll post them tomorrow on my THURSDAY THOUGHTS DAY!!!  I like to change my background pictures up every month too!!  I  FLOWERS!


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