Solution to stress…play!

As we near the final stretch of summer, I have to remind myself to…CHILL!!  I feel like we are on one BIG LONG vacation.  Normally, I am a very positive person, however I have 2 pet peeves I was thinking about yesterday that need some SOLUTIONS.

#1 Unreliable people

#2 Disorder

I expect a lot from myself.  I keep a pretty fast pace and thrive on getting tasks done.  I assume all others are the same…ha ha ha!  Sometimes in conversations with my husband I tell him, “I’m just normal.”  He constantly tells me, YOU ARE NOT NORMAL!!  Hmm, is that a compliment?  I think so.  When I commit to something, I keep my commitment.  I have been known with my family to not show enough sympathy.  When a case of the “whines” and “I cant’s” hit our home, my medicine is, “you are fine and stop complaining.”  We ALL have ENORMOUSLY busy lives filled with heartaches and frustrations.  I prefer the I’M TOUGHER THAN NAILS approach.  You’ll get through it.  Buck up!  (:  I add lots of LOVE, really I do!

Pet Peeve #2 is a curse in some ways.  Disorder.  I have tried to change myself and let the kids go at it with the house.  It didn’t work, I wanted to pull my hair out at the end of the day.  Disorder is summer’s middle name!  Hence, I’m having difficulties as we near the final stretches of the season.  The other day at dinner my kids were ratting me out!  My oldest son was imitating my loud words towards my younger son.  I said something like, “Stop being so annoying or you are going home and I’ll be happy about it!”  My daughter said something funny too.  She said, “Mom, you don’t get mad, you just YELL.”  I think I need more sleep.  Well, I DID close the door to my daughter’s room, turned my ipod on, grabbed a big garbage bag and COMPLETELY cleaned every inch of her room.  I FELT SO MUCH BETTER!!!  Here is the final product.  I would have done a BEFORE picture, but that would have been EMBARRASSING!!









The BEST solution to silly pet peeves and stresses is my very favorite activity, EXERCISE!!  I know that’s boring and everyone knows that, but more than exercise, we need to PLAY!!!  Yes, I loved my AWESOME body combat class this morning.  I can ZONE out and FORGET the many pressures on my mind.  It relaxes me.

More than my normal exercise routine however, it’s when I take the time to roll down a hill with my kids that gives me greater JOY!!  Last night we had a church activity with the youth where we went ICE BLOCKING!!  First of all the summer evening was so BEAUTIFUL!  I love being outside.  We had so much fun sliding down the hill, SUPER FAST and then I tricked them into exercise by telling them to run up the hill with the ice blocks and BEAR CRAWL down the hill.  It put a smile on everyone’s face!!










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