Fishin’ in the Dark workout

Well, we weren’t really fishing, but I thought of that song as we started our workout in the DARK!!  I had to use my flashlight app on my phone to see the workout.  It was still hot, but the daylight hours are shrinking away.

Me and my friend matched today!

 I’m a fan of FULL BODY WORKOUTS.  I also love being sore, so I’ll work one area like crazy.  I’m excited to try my 1000 sit ups!  I better be sore from that!  This website is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome.  I was fiddling around on it today and you can type in male or female and what body part you want exercises for and a whole data base with pictures pops up!  There were like 30 ab exercises.  I’m excited to create my workouts from this by mixing exercises around from different body groups!  If you’re bored with the same routine this will help you find something NEW.  SO GOOD!!!  

Today’s workout we focused on legs and abs.  I think those are my favorites!  Here it is:


Bleachers down and back

20 Burpees

30 Air Squats


20 Forward lunges with weights (each leg)

20 Jump jump squats

jump jump squats

20 Reverse lunges with biceps (each leg)

20 Squat jumps

40 Tricep dips

20 Step ups (each leg)

20 One arm snatches (each arm)

One arm snatches

40 Leg lifts (Jane Fonda style each leg)

20 Single leg bridge (each leg)

One leg bridge

40 Leg lifts (Jane Fonda style each leg)

10 x 15 second holding squats

40 tricep dips

10 Bleachers (up and down on one lane) 40 Pushups


25 Full sit ups

20 Leg lifts (hold weight above head)

30 crunches with heels at 90 degree angle

40 bicycles

Plank to failure!!  (3-4 minutes)

10 Bleachers 40 Pushups


100 Walking lunges

50 Jump squats

50 lateral curtsy squats

That seems long I know!!  It was GREAT though!  I was dripping.  Ready for a busy day with the kids!!  Here’s a little motivation from a real, honest celebrity!  I feel the same way.


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