Challenge 20 to 20

My husband is sick of hearing about my goal to be 129 (I say that in the nicest way).  I’m a “CRAZY, have to finish everything” kind of person.  When I can’t find something, I literally will NOT give up until I find it.  Same way with my health goals.  Sooooooo, once again, I will be 129 on or before October 20th!!  I really do LOVE to have something to work for.  I like to see how I can change my body and I LOVE seeing the results.  This is what I will do:

CUT CALORIES (Yes, this is reality.  You really need to slash them.)  

LIMIT whole grain carbs to BREAKFAST only.

FRUITS and MOSTLY VEGETABLES GALORE.  I will have vegetables with every meal.  


I’ll keep following my Jamie Eason weight workouts, 1-2 bootcamp workouts a week, 3 runs a week, body combat and zumba if I can fit them in!!   I ALWAYS workout 6 days a week.

No eating after 7:30 p.m.  This helps with mindless and unnecessary eating at night.

Here are a FEW healthy “TREATS” that help me get through the day:

Low sugar vanilla greek yogurt

Protein balls

Protein shakes and bars


String Cheese

A few (6-8) cashews

NOW, I need to print this and put it on my FRIDGE!!!  I like to reward myself too.  So, I’ll be heading to Lulu, J Crew, or Hollister to pick out my reward (:

Hope everyone is enjoying the FALL leaves.  I live in a BEAUTIFUL place where they SURROUND me.  Here is a canyon close to my home where I went to collage.  The leaves are PERFECT right now!  I think we found something to do with the kids this weekend.  A drive, picnic, and leaf peeping!!  The Best!

Enjoy this song and think of a SPECTACULAR place to visit this weekend!!

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