The Best of the Best

Many of the places we saw on our trip were amazing and beautiful.  I’ve pinpointed a few of my VERY favorites.  I know they are the BEST of the BEST because I would fly back around the world to visit them again!  One of those places was CINQUE TERRE, ITALY.  I knew nothing of this hidden and spectacular land.  It is 5 small cities along the northwestern coast of Italy.  We took a train from Nice, France to San Remo, Italy and then rented a car.  We drove for several hours along a windy, narrow highway that climbed through mountains and tunnels.  When we arrived at our “hotel”.  I can’t really say it was a hotel.  It felt more like a quaint bed and breakfast.  It was incredible.  Small cottages were built on the side of the mountain among grape vines.  We had to climb down a hundred stairs or so to get to our little abode.  Here is the view from our window.

This is me on the main road in front of the hotel!  The place felt like the seaside hotel from the movie Mamma Mia.

We for sure did not give ourselves enough time here.  We hiked all day between villages.  It’s all up and down along paths and stairs.  It was hot.  We took several shots along the way.


This guy ran a very successful business selling fresh lemonade along a steep part of the trail.  We were very grateful for the cool drink!!  We hiked till the evening and ate dinner on the pier in Vernazza.  About a year ago this area was hit by torrential rains and floods.  Several people died and they received very serious damage.  Many pictures of the aftermath and clean up effort were displayed throughout parts of the city.  I was amazed at how the villages and people overcame the disaster so well.  We saw very little effects from the storm.  After dinner we walked up a steep hill to our car.  It was pitch black, the stars were out, and we could hear the waves of the Mediterranean Sea crashing against the rocks.  Breathtaking and a definite “I love this moment” feeling.  Such a sweet and short time we were there.  I WILL return someday!!

Today was a perfect trail run for me and my friends too.  I’ll have to post pictures on Monday.  We were in awe and saying “Look at that” on every turn as we admired the fall leaves.  We caught them at the perfect time.  My body is a little creaky and sore now from the 11 miles.  It was so pretty.  Our theme for the day was, “This is the best day of my life!”

Tip for the day!  Make each day the best day of your life!



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