The number of the day is 40!

HA HA!!  I thought that quote was funny!  Good advice!  I’ve come up with at least 80 workouts that I bring to my class each week in my pink binder.  It’s getting pretty full.  I usually make up a new one every week.  So, today I looked back to a year ago and found one I did on October 5th of last year.  It’s SIMPLE and HARD at the same time.  We did 10 exercises with 40 reps each.  3 ROUNDS.

40 Plank Jumps Knee to Elbow (hold a plank and jump both knees to one side up to your elbow)

40 Backward Lunge Steps

40 Tricep Pushups

40 Squats with weight above head

40 Situps

40 Burpees

40 Back Extensions

40 High Sumos

40 Tick Tocks 

40 Biceps

After each round we ran around the church 2 times.  It was awesome.  The sweat was stinging my eyes!  This is an easy at-home workout too.  Here’s another funny quote!  I find the dumbest things funny!  HA HA!!!

Make it an EXCELLENT day!!!  Work Hard!  Always *

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