I am pretty.









Yesterday we went to the High School football game.  Dressed up with ponytails and makeup my girls jumped out of the car.  My oldest daughter who is 11 looked at her reflection in a car window and said, “Mom, I’m so pretty.”  My first reaction was, “You can’t say that.  You should be more humble.  Please don’t say that to your friends.”

I turned around to look at my girls and my younger, 7 year old daughter looked up at me with her sweet smile and said, “Mom, I’m pretty too!”  My heart softened as I looked into the eyes of both my girls and said, “Yes, you are!”  I was glad they thought they were pretty!

Our world is full of constant criticism, you’re not good enoughs, what’s that on your face, why can’t you be like so and so, you need to try harder, comb your hair, and….be someone else.  My daughters are pure, innocent, and beautiful.  I want them to always know they are pretty inside and out!  As they get older, I don’t want the media or friends to effect how they hold their shoulders back and lift their heads up.  I want to teach them confidence in themselves and that they don’t need to look or be like anyone else.  They are their own BEAUTIFUL!  It’s o.k. to feel good and like the way you look.  To be humble, you don’t need to put yourself down or compare your weaknesses with another’s strengths.  Love and embrace who your are.   Be YOU and remember you are PRETTY!!


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