What to wear in the COLD!

I am very much a cold person.  Every year as the temperature drops I have to remind myself that I like running, even in the cold.  I have plenty of gear to keep me warm, it’s just a little more time consuming setting it all out the night before and then walking out the door into the cold darkness.  Not quite as much fun as pulling on my shorts and tank top and heading out into the SUN!!  Here is a pic. from our run up Elephant Rock this last Saturday.  Can you tell which one does not belong?  Yes, that would be me in hunter orange!  I like COLOR if you don’t know that yet!

Me and Rainbow Dash

Besides the top, you can’t really tell what I’m wearing in this picture.  ORANGE TOP-NIKE

Here is another winter outfit in my awesome pose!

This is my running attire in 55 degrees.


VEST-PEARL IZUMI (reversible with hot pink.  Love it!!)


Besides my hands, I got a little too toasty.

Here is a handy chart I just read in my Runner’s World.  You can click HERE to read more about what to wear.

50 degrees F and UP

BOTTOMS-Longer short or capri

TOP-long sleeve 

35-50 degrees F

BOTTOMS-Capri’s or long tights or pants

TOP-Layer two long sleeve or one long sleeve and windproof jacket

Gloves and headband near 35 degrees

20-35 degrees F

BOTTOMS-Brushed pants or tights, wool underwear.  Wear socks high enough to cover skin.

TOP-One warm top with a warm jacket

Don’t forget a hat or headband and thick gloves.

I really wouldn’t want to run in much colder than that, but if you do, keep LAYERING UP!!  Add a scarf or gaiter around your neck.  At this point I usually give the treadmill a whirl!


What a CUTIE!!!  He’s a little confused as to what sport to play however!!!  Grant is turning 10 today!!  Happy Birthday!!!

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