8 lbs. in 27 days to skinny jeans

Hi and Happy Saturday!  Lots of happy things to report today.  Saturday is my SPT (Sites and Power Tips) day (:  I was going to do a blurb on Roma (I say that with a rolled R) because that place was incredible! I have several work to do today so I’ll save that for another day AND I was really wanting to post that I weighed 1-3-0 today!  Eating healthy and exercising DOES work!

The day after I came home from our Europe trip I weighed 138.  8 lbs. lost in less than a month!!  I still have 1 more to go and yes I’ll have to wait a week to put on my hot pink sandals.  This is a side note, but this will be the next pair I might need!  Country Outfitter, cool website and TONS of the best cowboy boots!  Reasonable prices too!

Back to losing 8 lbs.  Here are a FEW vital tips!!!

  • Set a reasonable goal with a date and write it down.

  • Make an action plan.  For me this is usually eating super healthy all week with a few treats on the weekend (:

  • EXERCISE!!!!  Lift weights, do cardio, and SWEAT like crazy 6 days a week.  You’ll feel happier too!  It’s my natural high!

  • Stop eating after 7:00 p.m.  No brainer, you eat less.

  • Drink a TON of water!  Kinda gross, but you should drink so much that your pee is light light yellow.

  • NEVER give up!!  If you have a major “I can’t control myself” binge.  Start over strong the next day!!!

Last point to make about weighing yourself.  You should weigh yourself once a week, first thing in the morning and at the same time each week.  This will give you the most accurate weight.  One can easily fluctuate 5 lbs from day to day!  I also like to weigh myself after a HARD workout.  I know it’s water loss, but if that’s the time I weigh every week the number still ought to be right.  Today for example, I ran to the gym (2 miles) did a BODY COMBAT class and ran home.  Lots of cardio and water loss.  I’ll still take 130.  In a few days I’ll get to 129.

Today was a fun football day for my boys!!!  I was in charge of our biggest kid.  It was one of the best games of the season and that doesn’t have anything to do with he got the winning TOUCHDOWN!

Here’s the team warming up.  They practiced right in front of me as I sat in my warm car!  The final score was 23-19!

Me and my not so little duffer!

Happy to be in my skinny jeans and red boots!  Notice my son’s GIANT feet too.  I think he’s a size 11 or so.  We say his feet are skis!  It’s cool to have BIG feet (:  He’s so worried that they won’t stop growing and he’s dying to be taller than me!!  HA! HA!!

Enjoy your day and don’t stress over the busi”ness”.  Everyone’s busy and life is good!!  Make Life Happy!

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