Sassy skirts and Forever 21

I haven’t been taking as many pictures of my overflowing workout wardrobe.  One of my friends mentioned she’d like to see all the running skirts I own!!  So, I dug them out.  I wear each and every one of them and LOVE them all!!!  I counted 8.

I feel like this is an EBAY ad or something!  I’m sure they’d sell well.  My favorite skirt is the black one on the bottom and the hot pink!

BOTTOM row:  Lululemon

MIDDLE row (L-R): Zella, Nike, Albion

TOP row (L-R): Albion, Gap

The cute light colored skirts are great but I prefer the dark ones because the biker short underneath is dark too.  I feel more comfortable in them.  Skirts are the BEST for running!  I did find a picture from the summer of me and my sister!!  She tried a ZUMBA class with me and LOVED it!!  Good thing I had something for her to wear!

Orange striped top: Nike

Skirt: Lululemon

Flower top: Stella Athletics

Pants:  Under Armour or Lululemon

Finally, I heard that Forever 21 has a workout line.  I checked out the website and they are CUTE and super cheap.  I don’t own any yet, so I don’t know the quality, but this is what I would have picked out!

Click HERE to go to Forever 21 Fitness.

Today I had a great run with my friends in the RAIN!  We ran hills and were going pretty fast.  My friend was surprised because she knows of my strict diet.  I felt fine and had lots of energy.  She had a hard time keeping up with me which RARELY happens.  I’m NOT the fastest!!  Hope you have a great day, grab a skirt and go for a RUN!!!

One thought on “Sassy skirts and Forever 21

  1. Oh my gosh, I love love love that cute black skirt! AND, I love those clothes from Forever 21! Who knew?? I’m totally going to check them out. I also LOVE that quote at the end of your post. LOL! Awesome!

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