It IS possible to exercise with small children!

Me and my oldest BOY (yes, I know he has a PINK hat, borrowed from my friend’s baby girl!)

Having kids was a big shock adjustment for me.  I specifically remember with my 1st what I would be doing if I didn’t have a baby.  That included missing my favorite gym classes.  Sleepless nights, out of shape body, and constant tiredness made me question why people were so happy for me!  As I stared into my son’s wide open eyes in the middle of the night I wondered when and if I would ever get a decent night’s sleep.  I’m here to say that this baby is now 14 years old and he sleeps quite well at night.  I have to wake him up in the morning.

I’ve put together several tips for MOMS with young kids on HOW to find time to exercise.  Exercise is so important for NEW Moms!  It will make you feel happier and you’ll have MORE energy (I promise) if you get out and MOVE!  My number ONE easy way to exercise is with the BABY JOGGER!!  I used mine over and over again.  First, I started out with a single jogger.  He didn’t like this too much but we went out anyway!

When baby #2 came along I had to have a double jogger.  Here are 2 of my kids all bundled up on a cold day!

For my workout class today I was lucky to take a crying 9 month old out for a walk!  She calmed down right away as most babies do when they are outside.  I feel the same way when I’m outside!  I workout a TON and was happy to help my friend with her baby while she worked out.  As I strolled with the baby singing nursery rhymes and eating cherrios I thought of how I survived the baby years.  This is what worked for me:

1-GO TO BED!  Moms of all ages in life are notorious for putting the kids to bed and then staying up for several hours because that’s when they have 2 seconds to themselves.  I think that’s o.k. once in awhile but it’s so much better to go to sleep.  Being tired is one of my least favorite feelings!!  Exercise is the last thing on the brain and sugar is wanted all day!!

2-GET UP BEFORE BABY AND WORKOUT AT HOME.  This one backfired on me several times.  It seemed every time I tried to get up to exercise I’d be into my workout 10 minutes and the stinkin’ baby monitor lights would start going up and up!  That’s almost worse than not working out.  I plopped baby down many times right by me and tried to finish the workout or put the baby in a swing.  

3-FIND A GREAT WORKOUT VIDEO.  I’m not a fan of workout videos but they can be good for a certain time and season.  Some of my favorites were: The FIRM, Billy Blanks Taebo, and Kathy Smith.  I did not like P90X.  It got way boring for me.  I’ve heard INSANITY is good but I’ve never tried it.  

4-RUN WITH THE JOGGER.  I already talked about this one.  I tried to find a park close by and we’d get out and play for awhile and then run home.

5-EXERCISE WITH BABY.  I used to bench press my baby or sit them on my lap while I did sit ups.  As they got older they liked copying me with leg lifts and push ups.  So funny!

6-SWITCH WITH OTHER MOMS.  This one saved me!!!  Find a friend who is in the same boat as you and likes to exercise.  I used to call me friend every Sunday night and we’d look at our weeks and trade baby sitting while one worked out.  We’d always do once a week and sometimes twice.  Definite happy therapy for me!

7-DON”T SWEAT IT IF YOU MISS A WORKOUT.  Ha Ha.  I’m usually telling everyone to sweat.  But really, you will be fine.  It’s not healthy to be so stressed because you didn’t get a workout in.  I’m here to say that this time in life does pass.  It gets better and better!  Remember your baby is a baby for such a short time.  Hold them close and rock them in a chair. You’ll feel the same joyful feeling you get from exercise!!

I’m pretty sure I’ll miss my workout for today too and that’s o.k!

Three little cuddle bugs!

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