Lulu jackets in the rain and yellow flowers

There’s something about the rain that brings a sense of childlike behavior.  This picture is what my daughter does every time it rains.  I hope I can always be o.k. with getting wet in the rain.  If I’m planning a run and I hear the drops on my roof, I’ll be more excited to meet a friend, run through the air, and feel the rain on our faces!

Last night it sounded like a torrential downpour all night with thunder and lightening included.  I love a good rain storm.  It’s relaxing to me.  Our temperatures dropped and I even noticed a hint of SNOW in the tops of the mountains.  It’s pretty with the 2 seasons colliding.  Here is a pic. I took as I was driving today.  The gray rock hiding behind the leaves is where me and my friends run to as often as we can.

And what a coincidence that I would receive a Lululemon email this morning titled “Make it Rain.”  I have a coat and a few Lululemon jackets and of course they are very well made and I’m sure I’ll keep them forever.  This lime green one is probably the first Lulu item I received for Christmas about 5 years ago.

 Here are a few recent jackets from their website.

 Now you really have no excuses to run in the rain!

Yesterday I taught my first real class at a gym and it was REALLY fun.  Several of my friends came to support me.  It was no different than teaching at my church except I had more equipment to use!  I’ll post TWO workouts tomorrow on my WEDNESDAY WORKOUT day!  I still need to go easy on the quads, but I’m hoping by Friday I’ll get a LONG run in!!

Last but not least are my pretty yellow flowers.  I’ve been going through every color and more from the rainbow for my new kitchen.  This is what I feel like today!  I love love this pale blue with a burst of yellow sunshine!  My favorite!  My kitchen has a beautiful window above the sink that overlooks the tree lined street.  I’ll LOVE being in my kitchen!

*Go for a run for me in the rain*

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