How to rebound from a wicked chocolate day

I write this post as I eat a Crunch bar, Kit Kat, and a Mounds.  It’s kind of sad that I can take A LOT of chocolate without getting real sick!  It is also the end of a month and that means I like to start new goals!!!  So, I bought a prize for me!  It will sit with the tags on them until Nov.30 is over!!  For one month I will have NO sugar (meaning no white flour or white sugar).  I get ONE day off, THANKSGIVING of course.  Which is by the way, my favorite holiday!  Here is my cute prize:

Lululemon studio crops

I have these in red and I love them!  Another totally CRAZY challenge I’m kicking around is to compete in a body building contest.  I can’t believe I actually said that!  I’ve wondered about them off and on but never thought I’d really do it and then I was talking to a girl at my husband’s work who just competed in one and is going to do another one in March.  It sounded exciting and if I can have her show me how it’s done, I think I’d be fine.  Plus, it would help in my personal training expertise.  So, I might have my work cut out for me in the next few months.  I think it would be WAY COOL to do something like that before my big 4-0 birthday!!

Today is not really a workout Wednesday since it’s Halloween.  It’s a jabber day.  Tomorrow I’ll post a seriously sweaty workout to help us burn off all this candy!  I was thinking about wearing a costume for Halloween.  I don’t do that very often.  It made me think of some old dresses I’ve kept over the years.  Maybe one of them could be a good Halloween costume?  Every few years or so I try on my old prom and choir dresses to see if they still fit!  I even snapped a picture of me in this one!  A very SWEET choir dress from high school!

Don’t you love the shoes?  I hadn’t changed yet from my run!  I don’t know how to make this into a costume though.  What would I be?  This is who I would like to be:

EPHABA, green and all!  One day I’ll have to do that.


I also pulled out an old photo from a Halloween past.  This is me (yes, I’m blonde) and my 4 brothers.  I’m sure I’m mad that my Mom made me wear the “hand me down” clown costume!  I’m such a pouter!

Hope everyone has a safe and fun Halloween with the kiddies!

We will be enjoying a Super Pleasantly sunny and Bright day.  SMILE (:

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