What are you on?

Someone asked me once, “What are you on?”  It was said with a slightly negative connotation.  I wasn’t bothered, BUT I don’t credit my fitness results to SUPPLEMENTS.  I DO think they help, but mostly it’s mental.  When I’m consistent on taking vitamins and supplements I eat better and workout more.  It’s counter productive if you don’t.

Almost always, what you EAT is when you get the most success.  Next, I would say WEIGHTS and lastly, CARDIO.  It’s taken me several years to figure this out!  GENETICS only plays a SMALL role in the whole equation.  Another fun challenge for me is to get my body where I want WITHOUT CROSS FIT!  Everyone is so CROSS FIT hyped.  I think it’s fine and all, but I can get just as strong and fit without paying 100+ dollars a month to a trendy gym!

When I started following JAMIE EASON’S weight lifting program, they advertised a supplement and vitamin pack to go with it.  I thought it was a GREAT deal!  This is what I got for $53.00:

 Go to this WEBSITE to read more about each one.  The goal for this pack is to LOSE FAT!  I also recently started taking a drink from MAX MUSCLE.  We have a local store in my town.

I like it.  It comes in about 10 flavors and I water it down a TON!  Much better than sipping diet coke all day.  This is what WORKS FOR ME!! 

Better than supplements though is HEALTHY alternatives to the NOT SO HEALTHY food selections out there.  Here is a website I LOVE: Chocolate covered Katie.  It’s a healthy dessert blog and everything I’ve tried tastes GOOD too!  Today, I invited a friend over for lunch and made her something called GERMAN CHOCOLATE FUDGE BITES.  Click HERE for the recipe.

I was curious when it said this, chocolate fudge brownie.  No one will ever guess that such fudgey chocolate balls could possibly be 100% free of sugar, butter,and flour.”

They were DELISH!!  I DO know how to make VERY rich and indulgent foods as well.  We have friends coming over for dinner tonight and it will be a NO HOLDS BARRED meal!  Mostly though, I’m the crazy Mom always trying to give my kids NEW and healthy creations.  This video makes me LAUGH so HARD and it is SO ME!!!


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