Color me Christmas

Today I’ve been thinking about the color I want through my new house!  I’ve always loved interior design and I took several classes in college.  I’m not an expert at all, but I love putting colors together.  Soooo, my SITES topic today will be a few ideas for my house and my POWER TIP has to do with a very relaxing and desirable Christmas moment!!!

The four places I’ve been thinking of to decorate first in my house are the OUTSIDE, ENTRYWAY, GREAT ROOM, AND KITCHEN!  Here is an example of the colors I’d like for each one:

Gray house, yellow door. Not sure of the white, I might want to use cedar pillars.

Light gray entryway with white trim, flowers of purple with lots of greenery.

My sea and sun family room! Pale blue walls with orange accent decor.

White or antique white cabinets, wood floor. Yellow and Green decor

Easier shown than done!!  I’ll have to post pictures when we get in of the before and after shots!  We have a hallway to the bedrooms that I’ll probably paint a light yellow.  It’s the sunny side of the house and I think it would make it look so warm and bright.

Now, a change of thoughts.  First of all, I have a confession.  My KILLER dinner and dessert last night did me in.  I CHEATED big time!!  I think I made way too much food and I felt like I had to EAT it!!  So, two days into my diet plan and I failed.  I’m human.  So, I will add one more day to my GOAL and this time I will not give in!  HA!

As for my GREAT tip of the day.  Have a BETTER ATTITUDE!  This is for moi!  I know I come across as sooo positive and sooo upbeat.  Ha, I’m really NOT!!!  Just kidding.  I usually am.  I did make a negative Christmas comment this morning and realized I need a better attitude.  I thought of the BEST Christmasy moment I could think of.  Imagine a soft couch in front of a wood burning fireplace, a strand of Christmas lights above the mantel and a few candles.  A beautifully lit Christmas tree to the side and a little Harry Connick Jr. or Michael Buble Christmas music playing in the background.  *NICE*  Oh, and a view out the window of light snow falling.  Beautiful and Spectacular!

Have a GREAT football day!  Hope the boys WIN!

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