Upper body and lots of lunges

Today’s workout is one I have done before.  Last time I called it, “To Failure Workout”.  We worked out at 6:00 a.m. this morning and it’s an all business crew in the early hours.  It was a good workout and so nice to get it done early so we could enjoy the last days of SUNSHINE!!!  It’s an easy one to do at home!

100 Walking Lunges


Upright rows (1 minute)

Lateral raises (1 minute)

Overhead Press (1 minute)

30 second rest.  3 SETS

100 Jumping Lunges


Full bicep curl (1 minute)

Top half bicep (1 minute)

Bottom half bicep (1  minute)

30 sec. rest.  3 SETS

100 Walking Lunges


20 Tricep pushups

Head bangers (1 minute)

Tricep overhead extension (1 minute)

30 sec. rest.  3 SETS

100 Jumping Lunges


Full sit ups (1 minute)

 Ab lifts right side (1 minute)

Ab lifts left side (1 minute)

30 sec. rest. 3 SETS

100 Walking Lunges

Lots of leaves to pick up today!  Be happy no matter what!  I LOVE this quote!


This one is GREAT too!!  I’m not going to confess my terrible downward spiral I’ve had in the eating department.  I started AGAIN today and I’m really getting serious especially since I have officially begun my personal training program.  It’s going to be AWESOME!!!

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