I love winning…every time.

Hi ALL!!

I have never talked about my LOVE of winning!  If you’ve read my previous posts it’s pretty obvious I’m a little competitive.  I’ve learned to REALLY like football!  I think if girls played football I would SO be all over that!  I used to like basketball, but football is my favorite to watch now.  That being said, my little nephew (I always call him that and I don’t know why because he’s a HUGE 18 yr. old) played his LAST high school football game today!  The team made it to the semi finals and got knocked out by the undefeated team!  I hate it when that happens.  I’m a fan of underdogs ALWAYS!!  Here are a few pics.  He’s a “hiker”.  I don’t know if that’s a real position name.  So he runs in and out a lot.  He’s number #54 on the bright blue team.

Hanging with his buddies!

I’m still sick about Romney losing and then this!  Ahh, my boys better win both games on Saturday!

Well, I’ve also been in a little lack of exercise and not eating healthy funk.  Yes, ME!!!  I’ve been missing several workouts and succumbing to my sugar addition one too many times!!  I’ll get back at it I know!  I’m going to take a break from the blog world for a little while too.  It is a time sucker and I don’t have too many spare moments right now.  I’ll be back I’m sure.  I’ll probably set it up more for my personal training business in the future.  I might blog about how to get a “competition ready” body which would help get me out of my own lull.

In the mean time, I think playing at the park and in the leaves sounds like a relaxing past time!!

Remember this?

Beautiful November leaves!

And last but not least*

Go Braves!

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