Books and Birthdays

O.K.  I took a little bit of time off and with the start of Thanksgiving Week I wanted to write a little.  It is such a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY day today I can hardly stand it!  I LOVE LOVE the SUN…especially on NOVEMBER 19th!!

Today I have to confess another ADDICTION of mine and a crazy TALENT.  In a few weeks I need to pack up my whole house of 11 years and I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t done much.  So today I looked at one of my many bookshelves in the house and decided to weed out the books.  I’m a little sentimental when it comes to books.  We probably have well over 500 books in our house.  I will always cave in a bookstore and a chocolate store!  I enjoyed picking up each book and remembering the memories.  Many of them were books that I had when I was a kid, some of them had words written in them as gifts from Grandparents, and many more were the books I read to my little ones over and over again.  I’m afraid my “to get rid of” bin is not even half full!  They will just have to come with me!

Next, a good friend of mine had a birthday this weekend and I started thinking a little about birthdays and dates.  I was talking with some people about how I can remember the birthdays of all my childhood friends.  I know all my nieces and nephews birthdays and many more.  I thought that was normal, but most people act really surprised when I tell them that.  Weird, I should have done better in history classes you’d think!  We had a GREAT birthday lunch today.  BEST FRIENDS!

I’ll figure out a way to blog now and again.  I want to change things up a bit and add and take away a few things.  I’ll get it together one of these days.  I was motivated by a high school friend of mine who came to me for advice on how to lose 10 pounds.  Of course I have to write up several things about that!

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