Ode to Bode and a diet review

Tis the season of gift giving!  This year Christmas will be a new house for me, but one of my favorite things besides exercising and eating healthy is yes, clothes.  I especially like cute dresses and skirts.  BODEN is the BEST and I’m so glad I found them (:  For one, I am tall (5’7”) and I need longer lengths.  ALL their dresses and skirts come in LONG!!  They are the best, totally unique, well made, and flattering.  I ALWAYS get compliments when I wear anything BODEN.  They are classic, long lasting styles that you will keep forever!  Here are a few favorites of mine from this season!



189714203024749632_UJMrqDwr_cMany people think the prices are too high!  I NEVER buy anything through Boden unless it’s on sale.  They always have REALLY good sales, especially AFTER Christmas.  So, save your money gifts and purchase something for you to celebrate a YEAR well done!!!  YOU WILL LOVE THEM!!

P.S. The dress I’m wearing on my home page is Boden and the one below.  This is from our fun field trip day yesterday!



As for my EAT TO LIVE diet rant for the day!  I have been following the Eat to Live diet for about 3 1/2 weeks.  I took 2 days off around Thanksgiving.  It is VERY healthy and not too hard to follow.  The crazy, difficult thing is the no meat, no dairy.  I was a little discouraged last week when I went to a fun new deli in town.  I looked over the menu and realized there was NOTHING I could eat.  Did I cave?  No, I went home and made my stand by salad.  I’m kind of an ALL or NOTHING person.  That’s not always the best, but it works for me with losing weight.  I FEEL really good right now and I love where my weight is at.  I’m a HUGE advocate of NO white flour, white sugar, or processed foods.  You can work out all you want at the gym, but you’re really wasting your time if you don’t eat healthy.  When you follow a healthy diet made up of mostly fruits and vegetables, you will lean out quickly and lose the water and fat around your muscles.  I see way more definition when I’m eating healthy along with resistance training.  Follow any of my workouts and follow this diet and YOU WILL GET THE BODY YOU WANT!

Sorry so long!!  I’ll end on a happy picture.  SO PRETTY!!  I know it’s winter, but this looks so cozy!  How nice to be on a lake!  *Fishing anyone?*

maligne-lake-boat-house-before-dawn-dan-jurakHAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!

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