Hurdle every obstacle!

HELLO!  I’m back and I have a minute to write before I REALLY need to finish my Christmas shopping!  We had a great vacation to Southern Utah!  My husband and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary!  The years fly by like turning pages in a book!  We went and saw one of my FAVORITE concerts of the year:  THE PIANO GUYS!  Their concerts are always so laid back, simple, and completely AMAZING!  One of the comments I read about them was, “Ice cream for the ears!”  So true!

Here are a few pictures.  The two shots of the red truck are taken 3 years apart.  I’m going to make it a tradition to take one on the truck every year to see how the kids change!


Oct. 2009 011

IMG_3377Back to reality is always TOUGH to swallow, especially when I didn’t eat well 3 out of the 4 days of our trip.  Aghhh!  Today I am back at it though and VERY happy to start feeding my body goodness.  SOOOOOO, how to overcome OBSTACLES is the name for today.  In St. George, my two older boys found a row of hedges that were evenly spaced near our condo.  They started jumping over them again and again.  It was fun to watch them hurdle over each one with such effort, so as not to hit the bush and fall to the hard ground!  This morning as I was wondering when to exercise, a few obstacles came to mind.  Here they are:

  • I ate WAY too much that I won’t be able to keep up with my running friends.
  • I’ve been staying up too late and sleeping in.  I can’t possible wake up at 5:30 a.m.
  • My baby has an awful ear infection and can’t go to preschool, so I can’t go to the gym.
  • My ipod is dead.
  • I hate the treadmill.
  • I need to do laundry.
  • I’ll go LATER!

Do any of these thoughts ever come to your mind?  Well, I ignored them all.  I ran 5 miles on the treadmill and did a 20 minute circuit workout!  Yes, my 4 year old has a terrible ear infection and is miserable.  He watched My Little Pony with me while I ran.  My body felt gross from all the sugar, but better when I got MOVING!  Don’t fall over the HURDLES, push through with all you got, and BEAT every one!  I read this quote from my planner this morning that I found perfect for today.


I’m loving the Christmas season and excited to make my holiday treats and go to 9 different holiday events over the next 10 days!

Say Hello to friends you know and everyone you Meet!  Gratitude and Fresh Fallen snow is my wish for Christmas this year!

Food for the day:  Oatmeal, vegetables, and fruit!!!  It’s that easy!

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