Remember perspective


This is a sweet artwork that my sister designed.  She lives in Connecticut and has 3 small boys.  I changed my mind about what I wanted to write about today due to the horrific and saddening shooting in Connecticut.  All the stuff in our lives that we worry and make ourselves overwhelmed about don’t even matter.  I should NEVER care that my Christmas shopping isn’t done, if I’m 2 lbs. up from yesterday, or if I miss a day of exercise.  What matters to you?  My children.  I’m not a cryer by nature so I tried to read a little about the story.  I didn’t get very far…tears, sadness, and prayers overcame me.  How tragic for those that lost their lives and their families, but also for the town and beyond that, to our whole country.  I have a very soft spot for children and they should never have to be exposed to such evil.  Pray, hope, believe, comfort, and love.  God bless.


2 thoughts on “Remember perspective

  1. I shared this on Facebook today. Do we even turn on the TV today? I’m afraid the NEWS may bring nightmares to our little ones. Events like this are becoming all too common.

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