Time to get serious

O.K.  Today is a REAL post about what I love: lifting weights and eating clean!  It is the last week of December and I’m not eating my best and when I don’t eat my best I don’t even exercise!  Hey, at least I’m consistent!  When I lose my momentum in the fitness world I look to someone inspiring.  The other day I got an email from bodybuilding.com that had the profiles of the 5 finalists for their 2013 spokesperson of the year.  Talk about strict dedication!  So, I found a girl close to my size to “copy”.  You can look at her full profile on bodybuilding.com.  She’s slightly younger than me, but she’s 5’6″ and 130 lbs.  What impressed me most is that she’s lost 55 lbs.!  She talks about the many ways she tried to lose weight and ONLY when she added heavy weights to the mix did her body really change.  I soooooo need to get lifting again!!
karina-baymiller-afterI’m a BIG fan of New Year Resolutions!  That doesn’t mean I keep them.  What it does do, is motivate and challenge me to be better!  Several of my friends want me to weight train with them.  I’m going to put together a 8 week program for us.  I will use several ideas from bodybuilding.com.  I’ll post the details SOON!  Here are my fitness goals for 2013!!!

  • Follow 8 week program.  Do not miss a day!  That’s lifting 6 days a week.
  • Run 3-4 days a week. (I’m signed up for a half in January).
  • EAT CLEAN!  No white flour, white sugar, or processed foods.
  • 3 treat days a month.  This equals out to 10% of the year.
  • Body fat at 15% by end of March (My husband won’t like that one).
  • Finish my personal trainer course by March.

So, all of you New Year’s junkies, eat up!  We’re starting HARD on JAN 1!!!!!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas!  This is what I got!!

So cute with my red boots!

So cute with my red boots!

LW4A06S_0001_4-1My vest is white and blue reversible.  Much cuter than this one, but I couldn’t find a pic.

Merry Brightness.  Enjoy the Snow Tonight.


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