Swift Smoothie

Happy Birthday to my Angel!

Happy Birthday to my Angel!

My little snow baby turns 12 today!  She is a burst of sunshine in our family!  It has VERY much been a GIRL weekend.  Sleep overs with not much sleep, pedicures, getting ears pierced, and TONS of Taylor Swift!!

This song was the one everyone loved, danced, and sang to all night.  It’s number 4 on YouTube right now.  Start the video at 2:03!

My cute daughter wants me to have my TREAT day today for her birthday!  She likes it when I wear jammies, eat treats, and watch Good Luck Charlie with her.  That’s what we’ll be doing tonight!!

Tomorrow…I’m getting serious with my eating habits.  I was o.k. last week, but I could have been better.  I found a great 1 week green smoothie challenge I’m going to try!!  It’s not even CRAZY!!  It’s 4 meals a day: 2 smoothies, a salad, and a soup.  You can munch on as many raw vegetables as you’d like with as much as 1 cup of homemade hummus.  Here it is:  http://vedgedout.com/2013/01/04/its-go-time-whos-with-me/


She claims you can lose 5-10 lbs. in a week.  I think it will give me a kick start to eating healthy and motivate me to keep my exercise habits up!!  The freezing, dark mornings have NOT helped my running schedule!  So…who wants to join me?  I think it will help my stress level too.  I’ve been in a munchie mood lately and I think it’s the anxiety over the new house remodel and moving.  If I know what I’m eating all day, I don’t have to think about that!  I’ll keep you posted throughout the week.

Now, if anyone knows where I can find 3 tickets to the sold out Taylor Swift concert in Salt Lake City, let me know!!!  I was a little bugged when I heard about her sold out concert and I didn’t even KNOW the tickets went on sale.  I’ll be trying to win some through the country stations!!  Here is a picture of my birthday girl and me at Taylor’s concert in 2011.


Happy MONDAY!!  Have a great week and beat the winter blues!!

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