Day 2 of Smoothie challenge

Hi ALL!  Just a few thoughts for today and then I’ll be packing some more!  I started a 1 week smoothie challenge and I’m on Day 2!!  I laugh when inventors of diets claim you will not be hungry!  Anytime you change what you normally eat and CUT out a LOT of what you typically eat, you’re going to be hungry.  Or course you can eat as many vegetables as you’d like, but how many vegetables can you really eat!!  It’s actually going pretty good.  Here is a picture of my yummy breakfast this morning!

IMG_3531I think the biggest thing with eating healthy is you get hungrier faster, but I like the RESULTS way more than the DISCOMFORT!!  My workouts have been good.  Today is LEGS day, which I love and hate.  I ran the other morning with a friend and it’s a little disheartening when 24 degrees is WARM?

I stopped my Wednesday workouts with the girls at the church for a little while.  I found an at home workout online though that looked GREAT!!  Really good blog too,  I think I’ll try it!  I’d do the whole thing at least twice.

At_home_workout_Feisty_50Another bit of diet and weight loss advice is to WEIGH YOURSELF!  I’ve blogged before about the scale and I believe it is a GOOD thing and a GREAT indicator of improvement over time.  I haven’t weighed myself since my birthday and I’ve slacked off since then.  For some odd reason we believe if we don’t know what we weigh, we really don’t weigh that much!  I’ll give myself a couple more days of the smoothie diet and do an after holiday weigh in on Friday!

Today is also my baby sister’s birthday!!  She lives in Connecticut and I never see her ):  I wish I could teleport myself back to her today!!  Here we are on the beach when I was about 19?  And a recent photo of me visiting her a few years ago!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!  She told me today she was jamming out to HEART and that I was the one that gave her the interior decorating bug!  We used to listen to Heart together and look at  Architectural Digest magazine!!  What fun!


ny trip 089Keep working hard!!!  I’ll post more house photos on Friday!!  Lots to be happy about!

One thought on “Day 2 of Smoothie challenge

  1. Awww, thanks, Hol! What a nice sister I have! I wish you could teleport back here, too! (Sorry, I’ve been a little behind on reading my favorite blogs lately, and I didn’t see your cute post before!). Love you and miss you!

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