Where do I begin…???

Happy Thursday to you*!  I feel like I have been in a time warp.  Last week I survived a half marathon, a move, and a nasty ice storm!  We are  definitely being initiated into our new house and driveway this year!  I feel so accomplished though now that I have computer, t.v., phone, and laundry all hooked up!!!

However, the list is still VERY long for what needs to be done.  We are having a FUN adventure!  The kids were in heaven when we went through the frozen food section and loaded up the cart with foods I never buy!!  I can’t tell you how easy and fast it is to whip up some mini pizzas and a can of green beans!  Everyone is getting adjusted and I’ve never been more crazy determined to get everything situated.  My workouts for the last few days have been going non stop, moving and organizing everything in the house.  Everything has to have a spot.  Here are a few pics of the house in progress!  I LOVE IT!!!!


IMG_3608As for the FIT side of life.  Me and my girlfriends had the BEST time on our half marathon road trip.  The weather was beautiful!  45 degrees felt like 75!  I would have liked to have ran faster.  I finished in 1:52.  Pretty good considering my circumstances lately.  We wished we could have stayed longer, but mostly ME wanted to get back to pack, move, and clean!  Here we are:


The yummiest!

The yummiest!

Long live girl trips!

Long live girl trips!

I’m missing my usual workouts and eating schedule.  Eating has been o.k. since my choices are limited and I have so much to do, but I MISS the gym and RUNNING!!!  This has been a crazy winter.  We usually run all winter long and it’s been near impossible this year.  Hang in there…this too shall pass (:

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