Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

WELL, happy new month, February 1st!!!  One month into the year and I’m needing to evaluate my goals.  Here are my fitness goals I posted at the end of the year and the grade I give myself after one month.

  • Follow 8 week program.  Do not miss a day!  That’s lifting 6 days a week.  C  I followed the program for 2 weeks.
  • Run 3-4 days a week. (I’m signed up for a half in January).  D  I don’t think that EVER happened.  I’ll give myself a little credit since I ran a half.  
  • EAT CLEAN!  No white flour, white sugar, or processed foods.  C  Excuses, excuses, but moving into an unfinished house is more stressful than I thought.
  • 3 treat days a month.  This equals out to 10% of the year.  F  I tried for 3/4 of the month I would say.  That’s an F in my book.
  • Body fat at 15% by end of March (My husband won’t like that one).  B  Not sure on this one yet, but I ended the month strong because I was fed up with myself.  I’ll get there!!
  • Finish my personal trainer course by March.  B  I started studying again this week, and I’m on track.  We’ll get it done.

That is pathetic, agreed?  I’m not a giver upper and I have a new and revised set of goals to start for February.  Here they are:

  • Increase my running miles.  I’m going to start next week with a goal to run 15 miles a week and each week I’ll increase the number by 5.  So, the last week of February I should be running 30 miles a week.  I miss running and I am hopeful the weather will cooperate this month.  I also want to run a 16 mile trail run with my friend the end of March.  I need to get my butt in gear.  I will still lift 3 days a week.
  • STRICT EATING!!  Back to no more than 3 treat days a month.  I WILL do this!  Let’s say my weight will be between 125-128 by the end of the month too!  Make it even more exciting.
  • Continue with the 15% body fat and personal training studying.

Sounds easy enough.  I weighed in at 131 today and I’m fine with that.  I’m also doing something fun for the year with my Sunday outfits.  I’ll put this post under TUESDAY THREADS as well.  I’m not a fashionista, but I love clothes.  I want to see if I can wear a different outfit every Sunday for the whole year.  For January, I added blue with each outfit.  Here they are:


IMG_3606IMG_3615I’m obviously no professional photographer with my vacuum and boxes in the shot.  This will be my fun challenge for the year.

NOW, to the good and bad news.  Good news first!  I have cabinet doors with knobs and handles being installed right now and my granite is IN!!  The appliances were also delivered this morning!!  BIG HUGE YAY!!!  Bad news…both homes have damage from the snow.  Our awning fell down at the old home which we are renting out and the gutter has fallen off our new home and the window wells are filled with snow.  Take a look!
IMG_3627IMG_3629I’ll be going outside to DIG now!!  Have a Heck of a weeKend!

One thought on “Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

  1. Out of curiosity, why does your hubby not like to see you at 15% body fat? Did you see my FB question? I figured with all you have going on with the new house, it fell through the cracks. What is your body fat percentage now?

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