15 ways to lose belly fat and the workout to help


HELLO!!  Happy Workout Wednesday!  It was so great to see my workout friends again this morning after a long break.  Winter is when we need exercise the most, yet it’s the hardest time of year to keep it up!  Today’s 15 tips to lose belly fat and a workout to boot will jump start your fit mind set!!  I read an article that you can find HERE about the ways to lose belly fat.  Here is my condensed version of the article.  Good to remember and review.  As you age (and everyone is aging every day) our bodies lose muscle and store more fat, specifically, belly fat.  Yes, it is true!!  Follow these tips (FOREVER) and you will be well on your way to washboard abs in no time!!


1-Keep cortisol hormone low!  This is a fat storage hormone that is released during stress.  Ways to keep it low: Get enough sleep, decrease stress, and avoid crash diets.

2-Don’t just diet.  Exercise increases metabolism while cutting calories slows down metabolism.  Do both!

3-Add muscle.  Full body strength program 3 days a week.  As we age, we lose muscle mass which slows down metabolism.  

4-Interval training 2-3 times a week.  High intensity for short bursts is better for burning fat than steady exercising.

5-Boxing.  Great for core and abs.  Try Les Mills Body Combat class.  The best!!

6-The more weight bearing the exercise the more belly fat you’ll burn.  Examples are running, eliptical machine, dancing, and basketball.  Non weight bearing exercises are swimming and bicycling.

7-Post workout meals.  Consume a combo of protein and carbs immediately after a workout.

8-Improve posture.  Do pilates.

9-Cardio after weights.  Burns more fat than doing cardio first.

10-Work back exercises and ab exercises.  Performing counter muscles will help strengthen both and improve posture and back pain.

11-Drink water.  People who drink more water, consume less calories.

12-Eat every 3 hours.  Maintains steady energy levels so you don’t crash and binge.

13-Cut out sugar.  Major stressor and increases fat storage in the body.

14-Chew your food thoroughly.  Aids in digestion.

15-Eat quality whole grain carbs.

Whew!  That was long.  Got all that?  Here is the WOD!

Complete AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 10 minutes for each set of exercise 

20 burpees

20 sit ups

20 biceps

20 thrusters

20 lunge switches

200 m run (1/2 a lap)

20 pushups

20 tricep extension

20 mountain climbers

20 side lateral raises

20 side lunges

200 m run (1/2 a lap)

20 walking planks

20 v-ups

20 tick tock abs


The best advice!

Have a great day!  I’m so grateful for Good Food and Friends*


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