Something is missing from the DIET food list!

You know the song that goes something like, “Your love, your love is my drug?”  I have a few drugs in my life * that bring me euphoria!  And…don’t be surprised, one of them is EXERCISE!!!!!!  Today was a day to get things done.  It was also the day to review all the things that have not worked properly or have broken at our house in the last little while!  To add to that list, the washing machine went out and the water softener fix it man said our water softener is 25 yrs. old and we should really get a new one ):

The 5:00 o’clock hour rolled around and I hadn’t worked out either.  Usually at that time of night I don’t even want to go, but I got myself together and went to the gym.  I did bi’s, tri’s, abs, and sprints.  I felt better and better as every sweaty minute rolled by.  As I was driving home the song came to me, “Your love, your love, your love is my drug,”  Hence, the gym is my drug!

O.k. and to top the evening off even better I made the BEST, soft, white, french bread ever!!!!  I think it needs to be added to the SUPER FOODS list!  White bread is FOR SURE never on the “food to eat” list.  I hate that!  Oh well, a couple of slices of homemade white bread and a protein shake isn’t that bad for dinner?


Thankfully, my fastie friends want to run 15 miles tomorrow 0:!!  You’d think they were training for Boston or something!  I’ll try to hang with them as long as possible and maybe burn off the white bread!  I’m hearing rumors though that we’re getting 2 feet of snow tomorrow. Hmmm…I might need to get some snow shoes and take off up this trail.  Actually, I see snow mobile tracks.  That would be even more fun!


Lastly, my house thoughts for the day!  I found a chandelier for above my stairs!  It’s at Pottery Barn!  I love the lantern look.  So pretty~

img12oNext, I’m thinking of this accent chair for my great room.  What do you think?  It’s from West Elm.

img21oWe’re also thinking of new bedding and I’ve changed my mind (that happens often) to this from Pottery Barn!  So cozy!  I need to go to bed!


Have a beautiful Saturday!  Dream of Warm, Happy, Outstanding, and Summery thoughts *

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