7 week shape up plan

I need to kick it in high gear for the next several weeks.  I’ve always got some sort of action plan in my brain.  I just need to DO IT!!!  I require a little motivation, just like everyone.  I came up with a point system and if I stick to my plan 95% of the time I will reward myself!  Most likely that will be in the form of a clothing item of sorts (:  Of course (husband) it will be something I REALLY NEED!!!  The real reason I need to get serious with my fit life is I’ll be blissfully enjoying THIS in 7 short WEEKS for a VERY MUCH REQUIRED R&R trip!!!





1-WATER (64-80 ounces) at least daily.  Vitamins and supplements everyday!!!

2-NO white sugar or white flour

3-Stop eating each day by 7:30 p.m.

4-Aim for 7 hours of sleep every night

5-Keep a food diary


1-Jamie Eason’s Live Fit plan starting on WEEK 6, which includes running 4 days a week as well.

Sounds simple enough?  Another BIG deal I’m going to do is…..DITCH THE SCALE!!!!  I know I’ve always thought the scale was a good indicator of weight loss, but I’m trying a different approach to things.  I’m going to take a picture of me each week (I probably won’t post them :)) and track my progress by how my clothes fit.  We’ll see.  Here is the point system.  I’ll do my workouts ALWAYS.  I only need help with PART 1!  So, 5 points for everyday.  That equals out to be 245 points for 7 weeks.  I can miss 12 points to keep it at 95%!!!  Let’s do this.

I think that’s about it for today.  I need to post about a TON of smoothies and LEGIT treats SOON.  Life is a little crazy busy for the next few weeks around here.  Kids are all over the place.  Yesterday a few friends came over for dinner.  Check out this awesome carrot cake I made from scratch.  It was YUM!!

2013-03-03_18-30-12_420The kids were having us dress up with them too!

2013-03-03_18-28-25_139I agree with this quote!!  


One thought on “7 week shape up plan

  1. Oh my goodness that carrot cake looks so so good!!!
    I love these 7 things! I think you are going to awesome and so proud of you for ditching the scale. Trying to do similar!!!

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