Always look up!

I came across a beautiful picture and a quote to go with it the other day.  If I was really good at the computer I would have put this quote in the poppy field.


red poppies blue sky

I like to challenge myself and beat all odds.  This quote can be applied to many aspects of life!  Mostly, I would love to be running in a place like this and then collapse in a field of poppies*

Today is a busy day!  I’ll keep up with it…funny note, to be more FITish, I went to see what my body fat % was with the caliper method at Max Muscle.  He checked the back of my arm, side, and thigh.  Hmmm….I don’t believe it, 13.88%.  Really that’s 14% I know!  The hydrostatic way said 17.42% 6 months ago.  Interesting, either way.  I think I have more confidence in the water way. 

My cute elderly neighbor just stopped by and told me about a place I can go to and get tons of flowers already in bloom!  You bring your own pots and they fill them up!  I will check it out tomorrow!

I’m excited to design a garden on my front porch.  Till then, I’ll droll over this one!!!  Stay away from HOUZZ!  It’s the BEST!  I like the paint color on this house too.


Have a GREAT weekend and ENJOY the BREATH OF FRESH AIR!  So SWEET!

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