1/2 banana and a shot of adrenaline

Today started off like any other day.  I met my friends for a morning run at 5:45 a.m.  It’s still dark.  We run on a very popular road with lots of other runners.  We wear reflector vests and run towards traffic so we can jump out of the way when a car comes at you head on and doesn’t stop, slow down, or swerve to get out of the way!  3 of us were running together.  I was in the middle.  A car turned towards us and was either trying to kill us on purpose or was completely oblivious to us, because next thing I know, I’m staring at the hood of his car and jumping out of the way.  I thought for sure he was going to hit my friend on the outside.  She screamed and we survived the near miss as the car sped away.  After that we thought every car was going to hit us!  I was feeling great with my 1/2 banana and a dose of adrenaline.  We finished our 6 miles.  I’m anxious to be on the trails in the sun, away from speeding cars!

Take A Back RoadI’m feeling good with my eating and exercise regimen.  I’m 2 1/2 weeks in and my clothes feel looser everywhere.  I’m sore everywhere too.  I must be doing something right.  I have come up with a NEW reward too.  This is kind of a BIG one and I will forego many other purchases I’d like for my house for this one.  I want to take my two daughters to see Taylor Swift in June.  The concert is sold out and I’m going to have to pay a pretty penny for 3 tickets.  It’s worth it to me.  Pictures, tables, chairs, clothes…do not compare to the memories of sharing the night with my sweetest girls who LOVE Taylor Swift so much!!!!  I kind of do too (:  My little 4 year old gave me a compliment in the car today when we were singing along to one of her songs.  He said I sounded just like her voice!  What a cutie!  I think the ONLY thing I want more than the concert tickets is a water softener.  Other than that, I want nothing.  I want to surprise them with the tickets on my daughter’s birthday in May.  That will be the HARD part!!!

Me and my girls!

Me and my girls!

Sorry for the on and on jabbering today!  We had such a GREAT WORKOUT today!!!  I called it LOWER BODY LOVE!!!!!  My legs are dying.  I’m worried about everyone else!!!  Check it out!

50 Prisoner Squats

50 Side Curtsy Lunges

25 Push Ups

50 Hamstrings

50 Split Lunges



50 Thrusters or High Sumos

50 Hip Raises

25 Rear Delt Lifts

50 Walking Lunges

50 Snow Boarders




30 REP ABS (Do 30 reps of each exercise)

Full Sit Ups

Hands on Hammie Sit Ups

Side to Side Sit Ups

Butterfly Sit Ups

2 Minute Plank

Leg Raises (Right and Left Side, on elbows, hold bent leg above ground for harder version)

Knee Ups

Knee Ups (Right and Left Side)

Today is a beautiful rainy day!  Here’s a song from Taylor to add to your playlist.  I need to memorize the words now so we can sing along at the concert!  Have a Marvelous Fantastic Happy day!!!  KeeP moving Brightly forward!


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