Where the buffalo roam



This weekend my faithful running friends ran The Antelope Island Buffalo Run.  All I can say is…SPECTACULAR!  One of my friends runs it every year.  I have needed several years to achieve my “hard core” running status to be able to run this race!  For one thing, it’s in March.  The weather is iffy around these parts in March and more often than not it favors the not so good weather side.  Such was the case this year…but I’ve built up my status remember?  We left our cozy home town in a blizzard (one thing great about the race is the 9:00 a.m. start time).  I didn’t think much of that because we live under a snow cloud most of the winter.  I knew it would be clear 30 miles northwest of us, and it was.  Sunny and cold (30 degrees) was the forecast with a little wind.

This is not the normal road race.  These runners are ONE with nature and a little scraggly around the edges.  I have now joined the WEIRD runners club, although I think I was already a member 🙂  We had several distances to choose from.  We chose the safest and most popular distance, 25K.  I didn’t even know how long that was.  To be exact, it’s 16.6 miles.  A select few chose the OTHER distances; 50 K, 50 miler, and 100 miler!!!!!!!!  I know for a FACT I will not go up any more K’s than 25!!  We LOVED LOVED the race, course, scenery, and camaraderie.  Here is a picture of what some of the course looked like.

6a00e398c5c9dd0005011015f78bc5860bI thought this chart was interesting too.  This shows the elevation of the course.  We were up and down running switchbacks on sand, gravel, dirt, and grass.  Trail running with 300 of my closest friends!  A few times I would have loved a bike!!

BFR25kmThe other “roughin it” part of the race is there are NO porta potties on the course and if you want water and you didn’t bring your own, you get to share reusable cups 🙂  Such an adventure that we will add to our MUST DO races each year!  As you cross the finish line they hand you a mug with a chocolate milk in it and then you can go inside a big warm tent to stretch, get a massage, and sample the famous BUFFALO STEW.  Everyone brings a can to add to the pot!  I was surprised at how well I felt during and after the run.  The only issue I had was my calves cramped up for about 20 minutes after the race.  I rubbed them out and had something to eat and drink and they improved quickly.  My second toe always hurts a little after long runs too.  My KNEES felt AWESOME!!!  I feel so blessed.  I 100% believe it’s because of my weight training.  Since I’ve started lifting more, I rarely feel pain in my knees from running.  Happy for me and my almost 40 year old bod!  Here is a post race pic. enjoying our buffalo stew!  I know we need to get more creative with these.  I wanted to hop out of the car after the race and take a snap with a buffalo, but was turned down by that idea.  We saw plenty of buffalo and antelope on the run.  Very pretty day!

2013-03-23_12-30-17_962 It’s the start of another week!  I had a few treats after my run!  I’m going to be super clean eating girl until Sunday and then I’ll reserve a small window to enjoy Easter dinner.  My Beautiful Outside Free Fantastic Awesome races are The Best***


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