Strike a chord


Ha ha!  I love this quote and need to put it on my mirror!

I read articles on super fit women and find ways to emulate them.  I struck a chord with my workout class when I told them about an article I read from a VERY perfectly fit woman.  She had perfect abs and she said that she only worked them once a week!!  We had a little ungluing going on.  I guess I shouldn’t say that to a group of highly motivated mothers with a little competitive edge to them (:  GENETICS is all that is!  She hasn’t had twins!  Some people build muscle better than others!  And when I said it’s because she eats well, that was blown off as if it was of no consequence.  HMMMM….is Easter around the corner and we all want to eat chocolate bunnies and Cadbury eggs?  I’m sure glad Easter is early this year because I will eat more than I should this weekend and luckily Monday is APRIL 1st, which is when I especially love making new goals.  I need to go back to my NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS and review them again.  I need to regroup and get back to my 3 treat days a month!  Look for another list of GOALS and SUPER CLEANSE I’ll post about on MONDAY!!

O.K. enough of that.  Here is the GREAT workout we did on WEDNESDAY!!!!!  We did supersets and triplesets.

WARMUP-75 walking lunges, 50 jumping jacks

Alternate PUSHUPS and LUNGE SWITCHES 20 reps each and repeat 3 times with no rest


Do the next 3 exercises for 20 reps each, 3 times

HIP LIFTS (lay on back with one foot in the air and lower hips up and down.  20 each leg)



Sprint 1 lap around the church

I hope that makes sense.  After you go through that once, DO IT AGAIN!!!  We finished with 10 MINUTE POWER WORK.

Do 8 overhead presses, 5 burpees, and 8 sit ups on the minute for 10 minutes.  The GYMBOSS trainer works GREAT here!

We felt great after!!!  This will be a FUN weekend.  Saturday, my husband and I are going to a NPC bodybuilding show!  His secretary will be in it and I’d love to see what one is like!  I’ll let you know what I think.  We’ll see which side of the fence I fall on for doing a body building competition!

Hope everyone has a fun weekend.  I’ll be running a lot, which I LOVE now that SPRING is in the air.  I need to get out to my yard now and the rest of the housework.  Keep it uP 10+++ times more than before!  (;  


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