Throw back 20 years and a CLEANSE!!!

HI and Happy April Fools Day!!!!  My kid’s have been playing jokes on me and each other all day and it reminded me of one of the funniest pranks we did 20 years ago!!   I was away at college and some of our guy friends broke into our apartment and ransacked the place, putting goopy stuff all over and messing with the doorknobs and shower heads, pretty much everything.  We turned around after we de-pranked the whole place and told them our manager saw it and was so mad.  He wanted us to pay for the damages and we wouldn’t get our deposits back, etc.  They totally believed us and felt so bad.  We even had a “fake” manager call and chew them out.  Eventually we gave in and told them the truth, but it made for a GREAT LAUGH!!!!!  So….for April Fools Day you get a THROW BACK 20 YEARS DAY!!!!  Fun times!  I’m amazed the pictures scanned across so well!

I think I had just got done working out.  Natural high!

I think I had just got done working out. Natural high!



First ROOMIE and BFF!

First ROOMIE and BFF!

The April Fool's Group!

The April Fool’s Group!

NEXT… my APRIL 1ST stay strict health plan.  I’m not setting any time frame on this or goal weights or whatever and I’m not saying it’s a DIET.  I’m following a HEALTHY EATING LIFESTYLE.  First off, I need to do a 4-day cleanse and THIS is not a JOKE!!  I’m actually, really CRAZY!!  Here it is:

DAY 1- No food, only water or zero calorie drink.

DAY 2- 2 cups of V8 plus DAY 1

DAY 3- 2 fruit servings, 2 veggie servings, and DAY 1 and DAY 2

DAY 4- 24 grams of protein plus DAY 1, DAY 2, and DAY 3

I’m going back to weighing myself this month too.  That no scale thing backfired a little bit.  WISH ME LUCK!!!  I’ll post the results and how I feel at the end.  This is a RELAXED week for us since the kids are out of school.  I’m teaching  a boot camp class twice this week at the gym!!  YAY!  I have to say something quick about the body building competition too!!  What do you think?  Did I like it?  Of course I did!!!  It really wasn’t that big a deal, very low key.  We had to watch all the guys before the girls even came on though and that got REALLY OLD!!!!  We talked with a few people around us and the ones I thought looked the best were doing it for the first time.  It’s a LOT of time, money, and everything else.  I’m sure most people think it’s too extreme, vain, immodest, or just plain insane.  We’ll see.  I need to get my PT certification first!  Maybe I could train for a show in NOVEMBER!  I would love to do that before I turn 4-0!!!  Here’s a small pic. of some of the winners of last year’s show.


Have a BUFF day!

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