I need to simplify my mind.  It’s difficult to figure out how to balance my passions and my ME’S!!!!  Many times, people try to please others and act a certain way to fit in with whatever group they are in.  I know I do that.  Sometimes I downplay my crazy eating habits or hide my obsessive exercise fetishes.  From today on, I need to be myself.  My BIG problem with achieving my fitness goals is my contradictory FAVORITE THINGS.  In a nutshell,

 I want to be the BEST RUNNER!!




I have 5 kids.  How can I be a good Mom and be BUFF?


And I’m addicted to sugar.

83e293c53b686e664b36b6975353706eWOW!  I probably have more than that I know.  My eating habits are what need to be CLEANED UP!!!  Yes, I love treats, but YES I love how I feel MORE when I’m eating healthy.  SOOOOOOOO…no more sugar for me…EVER!!!  (:  I’m going to have  a 42 day challenge and when I’m done, I’m going to buy these awesome shorts that remind me of STARS and I’m going to go run up a mountain*  I’ll be done around May 17th and if I reach my goal sooner….I’ll get a top to go with them!


 Back to BASICS goal plan:  

1-Weigh myself every day 

2-Jamie Eason weight training 6 days a week

3-Food Diary

4-No eating after 7:30 p.m.

5-AVOID white flour and white sugar

My goal is to be at 129 (:  One of my good friend’s is good at calming me down and telling me to relax and SMILE!  Life is short.  LIVE IT and LOVE IT!!!

Encourage Lift BHappy and Move!!

P.S.  I taught my class again last night.  What a fun class!  They LOVE to work hard.  It’ll be a fun adventure!!  Have a Warm and Happy weekend.  STay Healthy!

4 thoughts on “Be YOU!

  1. THANK YOU!! for the tip on the shorts!! I see them, and will order a pair, too. The ones with the stars are the cutest. I suggest you order them now before they run out. So cute!! Also…. I completely understand your frustration between meeting your fitness goals, and also making time for the family. I had a bad cold and was out for about three weeks. I had some holiday treats, too. Soooo afraid to weigh in. I finally had the guts to weigh-in this morning – to learn I hadn’t gained a pound. I was SO RELIEVED.

    • Thanks for your comments Jeanne. I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling with the whole balance the busy life schedule and I will snag those shorts now. I forget how fast Lulu turns things over.

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