My whole body is sore workout


I can’t decide if I’m normal or not?  I love working out and I especially love being super sore after a workout.  Is this normal?  For me it is (:  Monday night I taught a great butt kicking class at the gym.  I never thought I could teach a workout class!  If I can fatigue some of the guys in that class, I know I have succeeded!  They are hard core.  So, here is one for all you “can’t get sore” people out there.  You WILL be sore!  Good luck if you are attempting this at home.  A few reasons why I love working out at a gym is because the energy level is huge in a group setting, blasted music, and someones yelling at you (:  Keep going beyond failure here!

50 to 10 LADDER workout

AB warm up 20 sets of planks for 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off!  THE BEST!!!!

Load a bar up with a medium difficulty of weight

Complete each set of exercise starting with 50 reps on the first and 10 on the second.  Then do 40 of the first and 20 on the second.  You’re reppage looks like this:

50         10

40         20

30       30

20       40

10       50

SET #1 Air Squats (We had a bench with 3 levels.  Make your butt touch the bench.) and Overhead press

SET #2 Step ups with the bar on your back and Push Ups

SET #3 Stiff leg deadlifts and Tricep dips

SET #4 Scissor jump lunges and Full sit ups

Oh, I almost forgot, we sprinted down the hall and back two times between exercise sets!

The fasties that finished first were rewarded with alternating sets of 10 burpees to 10 kettle bell swings until everyone else was done.

I could barely get through my MOM workout today with my friends.  I think the only thing not too sore on my body are my calves!  Shoot, I should have worked them!  I have a busy few days coming up with getting ready for a trip to Florida.  I’ll take many pics. and soak up plenty of SUN for everyone!!!  Grin Fight and Finish STrong always!


One thought on “My whole body is sore workout

  1. Holly! I am so happy I remembered your blog, it’s been a while. I love the look and layout of it. I’m so excited for you to get certified (personally, I’d always wondered why you weren’t a personal trainer!) 🙂 That is one of my goals too, actually. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about just loving to workout and feeling extra good when you’re sore. We’re both totally normal, haha. Well, good luck with your upcoming exam! Now I’m off to read some of your old posts–can’t wait to try this workout!

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