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Happy Day and Awesome weekend!!!  June is here!!  I’m so proud that I ate well all weekend.  The worst things I ate were a couple of half wheat, half white rolls I made and half a small butterless popcorn at the movies.  It wasn’t easy, well actually it was because when I’m ON I’m ON, but we did have several outings and dinners to tempt me.  Many highlights of the weekend, but I’ll talk about one today, TAYLOR SWIFT!!!  I’m so happy I bought the tickets.  Here I am with my sweetest girls!!

2013-06-01_18-39-46_5 2013-06-01_19-20-02_226 2013-06-01_20-13-28_279It was quite the amazing production that I knew it would be.  She is a such a doll and so talented.  We had a wonderful time.  My favorite part was watching my daughters squeal and jump up and down when she first hit the stage.  Great memories!

OK!!  Diet update!  You know I’m sticking to one of my many plans when I actually post an update on it!  6 days in and I’m weighing 134.  That is down 3 from my start.  I feel fine.  I wanted it lower, but we’ll get there.  This week in fact.  I’m shooting for 130 by next Monday.  I have a cute outfit waiting for me to wear as soon as I get to 130 (:  Can’t wait!!

2013-06-03_07-42-32_433During my 6 mile run this morning I almost committed myself to running another marathon with my friends.  So many of them are training for one this fall and I have no other races on my brain, so I just might do it!!  There is one on September  14th here locally down a beautiful canyon that is calling my name.  I love summer running!  So, you can pretty much count me in.  I think the marathon will keep me on track with eating healthy eating too.  I can feel a HUGE difference in my running when I’m eating well.

Food this week is not determined quite yet.  We have a busy week with something every night.  I do want to share my friend’s eating ideas for the week.  She’s awesome!!!  YUMMMMMMM*

Meals for the week

Asian Baked Tofu (Pinterest board: vegetarian)  with salad of lettuce, tomatoes, avocados and mushrooms (drizzled with lemon olive oil and rice vinegar)
spicy thai basil chicken lettuce wraps (cooking light magazine)
Quinoa salad (tomoatoes/cucumbers, parsley, red bell pepper) with grilled salmon
Grilled chicken (marinated in italian dressing and lime juice) and steamed broccoli with toasted pecans (found at trader joes)
Grilled shrimp ‘tacos’ (lettuce shells) with cilantro, fresh tomatoes and lime juice, watermelon and refried beans (made from dehydrated fat free beans)
Spaghetti squash bake (made up recipe) spaghetti squash with sautéed vegetables and cottage cheese- onions, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, mixed with cottage cheese.

2 – fruity apple, chicken, lettuce roll up (on pinterest board:  Healthy recipes)
Farmer’s market Skillet (Pinterest board:  Healthy recipes) with one over easy egg
salad with left over asian tofu with lettuce, pecans, avocado, mushrooms (whatever I can find in the fridge) and olive oil/rice wine vinegar and one fuji apple
Sweet potato and left over protein (salmon or chicken)

Trader Joes steel cut oatmeal with chopped apples and pecans
huevos rancheros (refreind beans (made healthy) and two over-easy eggs with fresh tomatoes and cilantro.


“Fried” cinnamon bananas (sprayed with coconut oil, drizzled with honey and topped with flaked coconut)
Healthy choice ice cream bar

Time to get the house organized.  Summer is coming!  I need to make a summer job and fun schedule for my kids.  Happy to have them home!  Enjoy one of my favorite Taylor songs.  Cute video that reminds me of my friends!

*Everything will be alright…

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