7 pounds in 10 days!


Happy Friday!  I about had a nervous breakdown yesterday and summer hasn’t even started.  Uh-oh…  I can’t even describe my running around chauffeuring day.  I haven’t been in a bad mood like that…ever really.  I like to think I’m usually a calm and happy person 🙂  I’m going to make the bus schedule clear to my kids this summer.  I will be leaving the house at 10 if they want to go anywhere and having two other pick up times during the day.  That’s it!  Last day of school today.  I love summer.  It will be great!!

So, my happy news of the day!  I weighed 130.6.  I was a little shocked and jumped on the scale 4 times or so to make sure it was right.  I’ll take it!  I have been sugar free for 10 days and I’ve lost 7 pounds.  I still have 7 1/2 weeks to go too!  It’s been fine.  Every once in awhile at the grocery store or something I see taffy or hot tamales or chocolate or cookies…and I want them, but the thought quickly leaves my head.  I was starving the other day at a baseball game and I grabbed a bag of carrots to curb my appetite until dinner.  Here are a few things I’m doing.  Yes, I exercise a ton, but it’s really about the FOOD!!!  Here is what I’ve been eating:

BREAKFAST-banana, protein powder, peanut butter, and spinach smoothie

LUNCH-turkey sandwich with tons of veges and an EMERGE drink.

SNACKS-handful of cashews, Zone bar, and an apple

DINNER-salads with chicken, salmon, or tofu.  Lots of veges and black beans.

I went out to eat once and ordered soup and salad.  One night I wasn’t too hungry and I made a batch of coconut chia seed protein pancakes.  Courtesy of my SISTER!!   I drink lots of water and mostly stop eating by 7:30.  Eating healthy actually works!

As for exercise, today we did a 9 1/2 mile run.  All of us were feeling a little sluggish this morning.  Long week I guess.  I was draggin’ a little, but at one point a rush of adrenaline came over me and I picked it up!!  Here is my exercise for the week (this includes tomorrow).

Weekly Running Mileage-25 miles

Weights-1 lower body workout, 2 upper body workouts, and a couple mini WOD’s.

Classes-Body Combat twice

I don’t have time for any fancy pictures today.  Let me check my pinterest page for a motivational quote and I did find a cute bootie short for me!

Nike-Printed-Tempo-Womens-Running-Boyshorts-519837_458_AHave a FANTASTIC weekend and LOVE the SUN!!!


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