Change it up!

Friday thought day!  Lots of randomness in this post.  First off, hair color and cut!  Next week I need a change.  I’m liking the long hair look, but I need to cut my bangs and get a new color.  I found a few examples I might try.  Some people have told me I resemble these girls.  Very nice compliment that I don’t quite see!  I love Shania’s curls in this one.

b78948ca111045eacccd0bf38d08a14d 2dd6cf9c02a7e5e92b712fc82186fd91 048bc82a30131476c7b33a28ed147bda jenniferanistonI don’t know if I could pull off the blond Jennifer Aniston.  I’ve never done that before, but it might be fun for a change.

Another color choice I need to make is my front door.  Today I had a group of friends over for lunch.  We just painted the outside of our house a beautiful dark gray blue color with a white trim.  Everyone thought it looked great!  Our plain white door is in need of a make over too.  Here are my thoughts for the door!!  I’m leaning towards the orange!

ba411e3041e4f790fc90bf097a2c70b2 7f51ca60d6870a59c06920f777c60897

Next change needs to be in the exercise and eating department.  I think I’m working out too much.  I have a few ailments bugging me and at least one of them could be exercise related.  I hate taking time off exercise, but next week I might CHILL and only go on a few walks ):  The trail was beautiful this morning.  I’m in awe every time I run it.  I could never get sick of it.  I picked a small bouquet of flowers as I ran down this morning!  So sweet *

Take time to PICK the flowers!

Take time to PICK the flowers!

The diet part of the life is getting dull so I’m going to crank it up a notch.  The Les Mills exercise program I follow has a 21 day diet challenge I’m going to try.  It’s stricter on the carbs and I need to fix that part up a lot.  I’ll post about it on Monday.  Till then, I’m going to eat many things that aren’t good for me this Sunday!  My fitness pal and I are getting together with our families to go up the canyon and make smores.  We also have a big list of other goodies to indulge on too!  Oh! Oh!….before I fall too far off the wagon I have to say I did a crazy thing last night.  My girl’s and I had a girl date and we stopped at the grocery store for a few things.  I walked by the peaches and nectarine section and started drooling from the sweet smell.  So yummy!  All I wanted for my treat that night was a perfectly ripe and juicy nectarine.  Heavenly!!  We got a small bag and ate them up on the way home!!  I need to buy more!!!

nectarinesLast but not least.  QUOTE of the DAY!!  Moments are by far and away better than things!!!


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