Get started…again!

Hello again!  I have a couple new challenges to share today and I found a GREAT blog that has everything rolled up into one.  By far, this has been the BEST blog I’ve seen on normal people getting fit and losing weight.  I will be referring to this blog for nutrition, motivation, and exercises for me and others.  Here is a page I especially loved called HOW TO GET STARTED WITH CLEAN EATING.  It’s encouraging to see people’s success with weight loss and fitness AND to see them sticking to it!  I’ll be starting to train my first real client this week.  So excited!!

I have had a few health concerns this weekend that have left me a little down.  Obstacles are always there.  After I get them taken care of I’m going to stick to my workout routine.  I’ll get back on my marathon training schedule and run 4 x a week and as far as weight lifting goes, I’m going to attend my WOD of the day classes, GRIT, and my own workout class at the track.  That will be it for now.  I love Jamie Eason workouts and lifting hard every day, but it’s difficult to train for a marathon AND be hard core buff girl.  It’s running season anyway!

Let's go for a run!

Let’s go for a run!

I’m BACK!  I wrote the first part of this post and then got in a whirlwind of driving all over the world and I’m finally back to finishing this.  My crazy life has given me…shingles.  That sounds so gross and oldish doesn’t it?  I don’t need to go into details, but it’s related to stress and a low immune system.  My husband would say I got it from working out too much (:  I think it came on because of the awful sickness I had a month ago.  Anyway, I’ll get better!  My binge over the weekend was so-s0.  I really don’t need crap in my body so I’m starting ANEW with 2 plans.  I’m going to do the 7 day SMOOTHIE diet that I tried 6 months ago.  I’m thinking it will help cleanse my sicky body!  Then, I’m going to follow Les Mills 21 day nutrition challenge.  Download it HERE.

Sooooo, enjoy these 3 GREAT websites to get motivated.

I’m going to get busy making some yummy soup and relaxing to my favorite tunes that always calm me down (:  Here’s a good workout song to add to your playlist today!!  

Get after it!

Get after it!

3 thoughts on “Get started…again!

  1. I hear you completely… with trying to keep immune system up! esp. with kids bringing everything home! My youngest (almost 4 years) just picked up the stomach flu in my car! — I’ve noticed, too… my white blood count could be higher during my routine wellness exams. I’ve started taking Dr. Mercola’s Mushroom supplement each morning along with my probiotics – on empty stomach upon waking with water. Too soon to tell if it helps, but there’s plenty of reference to it’s ability to boost our immune system. Here it is –,894,2.htm I also add shitake mushrooms into my salads and in anything else I can… even Dr. Fuhrman pushes mushrooms, as part of his G-BOMBS (beans, onions, mushrooms, seeds) Hope you feel better!! Both my sister and father have had shingles.

    • Thanks so much Jeanne. I am feeling better thanks to drugs! I will look into your supplements too. I could be a lot better. I’m making a yummy coconut mushroom chicken soup right now. I’ll have to share the recipe!

  2. I left out a few…. G-BOMBS (greens, beans, onions, mushrooms, berries, seeds). I was distracted by my sick little one.

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