June color and ramp it up!

I have decided that I like to eat extra treaty food when I want to celebrate!!!  My problemo is that I like to celebrate ALL THE TIME!!!  I’m glad I’m not a closet eater, stressed out eater, or a bored eater.  I only like to party and eat!  That’s why weekends and summer are hard for me!!  July is not going to be easy!!!  I’m in for a BIG challenge!  With the 4th of July festivities, 3 camping trips, 2 weeks of family in town…I just might break!!!  Here is my plan!!  I looked back at Jan. 1 and reevaluated my New Years Goals.  I might have slacked off on them, but I don’t give up…EVER!!  Half of the year of keeping goals is better than forgetting the whole thing.  Here they are:

  • Follow Jamie Eason program for 8 weeks.  Do not miss a day.  I restarted this last week and I’m on a roll.  I’ll only miss a few days when I’m out of town.

  • Run 3-4 days a week.  Marathon is in sight.

  • EAT CLEAN!  No white flour, white sugar, or processed foods.  Hmmm…working on that is a constant battle.

  • 3 treat days a month.  I have not done this yet and I will do it this month!

  • Finish my personal trainer course by March.  Yes siree, I did that even if it was in May, the day before the expiration date.  YAY ME!!

Food is all I have a problem with.  My focus will be on eating clean.  I’m going to pull out my Tosca Reno books and make recipes from that this month.  I’ll eat every 2-3 hours and invent a few healthy treats to get me by.  I’m still aiming for 125 by July 29th.

Today was a great exercise day!!  My RAMP it up phrase has to do with giving it a little or a lot a bit more!  I ran to the gym today, lifted, trained, and ran home.  The 2-3 mile run home was in 80+ degrees and pretty much ALL UP HILL!!  On one especially LONG hill I made a goal to SPRINT from light post to light post.  I’d sprint one, walk one, sprint one, walk one.  If all you do is run your usual 3-5 miles along a straight boring road, CHANGE IT UP!!!  Add sprints, hills, trails.  Think faster!  You’ll pleasantly be surprised that it makes you feel better and if you want to get fitter and leaner, you’ll get that too!!!

O.K.  on to SUMMERY OUTFITS!!!  I have 3 today!  I’m starting to run a little low on outfits ):  We’ll see if I can keep them different all year!

Target sweater, Boden skirt, Dillard's shoes

Target sweater, Boden skirt, Dillard’s shoes

Down East sweater, Closet Revival skirt, Boden shoes

Down East sweater, Closet Revival skirt, Boden shoes

Talbots outfit, Boden shoes

Talbots outfit, Boden shoes

Life is busy!  I don’t know how my brain stays organized lately.  We’ll get through it!  Have a beautiful summer day!

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