Run the field workout



How do you know you’re sleep deprived?  The last couple weeks my kids have had swimming lessons at 10:30 a.m. and almost every day I sit down to watch them and I can’t keep my eyes open for 5 minutes!  That’s crazy at 10:30 in the morning!  I feel fine when I’m busy, but when I sit down I want to fall over.  It’s SUMMER!!  It’s fun to see everyone outside so late and morning rolls around and I LOVE to get up and MOVING!  I especially love going to the track in the cooler hours.  Today we ran the field a lot!  We set up our stuff at one end zone and grabbed a partner.  While one person ran the 100 yds. down and back the other person did an exercise.  Then they switched.  We went through 8 exercises for 3 rounds.  Round 2 I cut out the runs and we did each exercise for a minute and 1/2.

Track Workout July 3rd 2013

 Partner up.  While one runs the field the other one does the following exercises.










I hope that makes sense.  Here is another workout that I gave my client this week!  I am always happy when they lay on the floor in utter exhaustion after the workout (:  I had to share! 

 CIRCUIT (3 rounds 15 reps each exercise-30 sec. rest after each round)  GO HEAVY!!

 Barbell bench press

Prisoner Squats

Shoulder Press

High Sumos

Tricep Extension

Kettlebell swings

Barbell Step ups

Seated leg curls

Plank Push ups


It’s been a fast week!  I can’t believe we are at the 4th already!!  I’m excited for July!  Lots of fun times with family and friends.  Tomorrow we’ll be running 13 miles at the crack of dawn.  LOVE IT!!  I really should officially sign up for my marathon!  Have a WONDERFUL holiday!  Keep it up!!!  Last night the kids and I were practicing handstands.  This isn’t that cool of a picture, but I’m glad I can still do this at 39 and holding (:


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